Wydział Orientalistyczny

    W A R S A W   U N I V E R S I T Y
    Department of Hebrew Studies

Ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28
PL 00-927 Warsaw   POLAND
Tel.: +48-22 552 05 18
Tel/fax: +48-22 826 36 83

Director: Prof. UW dr hab. Shoshana Ronen
email: ronen@uw.edu.pl

The Department of Hebrew Studies in its present form has existed since 1990 as a unit of the Institute of Oriental Studies at Warsaw University. Previously, from 1977 to 1990, Hebrew studies were part of the Division of Ancient Near East and Hebrew Studies. The head of the former body was late Prof. Witold Tyloch. In 1990 the Division was split into three autonomous departments, the Department of Hebrew Studies being one of them. Until 2001 it was directed by Dr. Roman Marcinkowski. Since 2001, the Head of the Department has been Dr Maciej Tomal and from 2009 is Dr.Shoshan Ronen.

The Department offers a 3/5-year programme (6/10 semesters), whose graduates receive the degree of Master of Arts in Hebrew Studies.

Throughout the studies an intensive course of Modern Hebrew is held as compulsory for all students. During the first two years some general courses are offered: propaedeutic courses (History of Hebrew studies, Judaism), History of Ancient Israel; History of the Jews in the Diaspora, and History of Modern Israel (taught in cooperation with the Department of History).

Starting from the third year of studies, the students choose specialised courses in history/sociology, literature and linguistics.